That'll teach 'em

In That'll Teach 'Em (De jeugd van tegenwoordig, Dat zal ze leren), 24 16-year old teenagers become boarders at the fictional 'Saint Victor College', where they receive 1950s-style tutelage in Dutch, English, French, Math, Biology, History …

For three weeks, the world of a 1950s state boarding school was re-created in almost every detail. The pupils were placed under the supervision of a headmaster, a nun and a number of subject tutors, all former or working teachers. They were also introduced to the joys of cross-country runs and cold showers, while the school dinners reflected the austerity of the time.

In the second season we recreated a farming school of the fifties with operational farm and reallive animals to take care of. 

The third season the youngsters became boarders in the 1950 Royal Cadet School, where they received a very severe military training.

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