De Naaktkalender

Ten groups from different walks of life accept a unique, if somewhat risqué, challenge. With their group they will pose for a nude calendar. Every group gets a top photographer for their glamour shoot. 

In each episode we will follow two teams from the start, through all the preparations, not only the physical aspects but also overcoming their mental hurdles, up to the actual photo shoot. 

A professional jury will choose the 12 best photos of each team. One photo for every month of the year. The winning calendar will be printed and put on sale in all bookshops. The winning team – having given their all - are without a doubt, the most talked about models in Flanders. 

As an added bonus, the winners receive a share in the revenues from the sale of their nude calendar.

  • So you think you can dance
    So you think you can dance
  • De beste hobbykok van Vlaanderen
  • Unite Arienne
    Unite Arienne
  • De Keuken van de Meester
    De Keuken van de Meester
  • Dat zal ze leren
    Dat zal ze leren
  • Mijn Restaurant
  • Tienermoeders 2
    Tienermoeders 2
  • De Pelgrimscode
    De Pelgrimscode
  • De Inrichters
    De Inrichters
  • India for beginners
    India for beginners
  • Brazil for beginners
    Brazil for beginners
  • Missie Amazone
    Missie Amazone
  • Duts
  • Team Kwistenbiebel
    Team Kwistenbiebel
  • Trinny & Susannah - Missie Vlaanderen
    Trinny & Susannah - Missie Vlaanderen
  • Red mijn huis
    Red mijn huis
  • Tienermoeders
  • Mercator
  • Voorbij de grens
    Voorbij de grens
  • Kitchen rebels
    Kitchen rebels
  • FC Nerds
    FC Nerds
  • De Naaktkalender
    De Naaktkalender
  • Zodiak Media Group
    Zodiak Media Group
  • China for beginners
    China for beginners
  • Van Dis in Afrika
    Van Dis in Afrika
  • Huis te Koop
    Huis te Koop
  • Are you smarter
    Are you smarter
  • Mama staakt
    Mama staakt
  • Zo moeder zo dochter
    Zo moeder zo dochter
  • Undercover Lover
    Undercover Lover
  • That'll teach 'em
    That'll teach 'em
  • Witte Raven
    Witte Raven
  • Temptation Island
    Temptation Island
  • The Block
    The Block
  • India Celebrity Express
    India Celebrity Express
  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita
  • Paradise Hotel
    Paradise Hotel
  • Peking Express
    Peking Express
  • Oberon
  • The year of...
    The year of...
  • Zestien plus
    Zestien plus
  • Back to the floor
    Back to the floor
  • Beautiful
  • Expeditie Robinson
    Expeditie Robinson
  • Bachelor
  • Kinderziekenhuis
  • Popstars
  • Datecafe
  • Camping
  • De babyfluisteraar
    De babyfluisteraar
  • image De vijfhoek
  • stressvakantie

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